Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner purchase a condo in Thailand?
Yes, a foreigner can purchase a condominium subject to a few conditions. For more information on this subject take a look at our Property Buying Guide.

Can a foreigner own land in Thailand?
Under Thai law foreigners cannot own land themselves, but it is possible by owning 49% of a Thai limited company and being the sole director. See our Property Buying Guide for more details.

How much are the transfer fees and taxes?
Land Department transactions can attract a variety of taxes, including:

Transfer Fee:
Stamp Duty:
Income Tax:
Business Tax:
Special Business Tax:
2% of sale price or Land Department assessment (whichever the higher)
0.5% of sale price
Calculated case by case by Land Department
3.3% of sale price or Land Department assessment (whichever the higher)
2% of sale price or Land Department assessment (whichever the higher) can apply in some cases on jointly owned property held for less than 7 years

What are the land measurements in Thailand?
1 sq wah = 4 square meters
1 ngan = 100 sq wah (400 sqm)
1 rai = 4 ngan (1,600 sqm)
2.5 rai = 1 acre
6.25 rai = 1 hectare

Why should I use an agent to purchase my condo?
There are many good reasons to use an agent for condo purchase in Thailand. Bangkok Property Agency has the experience and expertise in routinely handling such transactions, and will ensure the buyer is protected until the transaction is completed.

There can be many pitfalls for the unwary buyer, and we look after our clients from the beginning to the end of the process dealing with all matters along the way:
♦  Handling sale negotiations, removing language barriers and resolving issues between the parties
♦  Dealing with contract preparation and arranging for signing
♦  Preparing and obtaining all the necessary legal papers ahead of property transfer
♦  Managing the property title transfer process at the Land Department.

We check out the validity of the land title (and in the case of foreign ownership also check the foreign quota % holding) before any money is paid over. For foreign clients our contracts contain English wording, so you have peace of mind knowing exactly what you are signing.

For clients looking to purchase for investment we can also assist in finding suitable tenants, if required.